Colour Factory

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Having been capturing the attention of its audiences for years at many events, we finally had our dreams of Thought Bubbles being part of a permanent interactive installation come to reality thanks to a collaboration with Colour Factory.

These colourful spheres have been lifting spirits in Houston, Texas since 2019, & more recently in their brand new flagship interactive art museum which opened Spring 2022 at the Willis Tower, Chicago.

Colour Factory’s Mission is to give its visitors to experience artful wonder & to inspire them to bring that joy back into their everyday lives. Thought Bubbles have helped them do exactly that!


Thought Bubbles use the Bernoulli Principle- that balloons will float on columns of high flow, low pressure air.

Specially designed to be placed below floor level, the rate of airflow can be adjusted causing the bubbles to rise & fall, allowing them to dance together in flowing sequences.

Colour Factory Red
Colour Factory Black and White
Colour Factory Green
Colour Factory holding sphere
Colour Factory Kids and Mum
Colour Factory Multi
Colour Factory single
Colour Factory Yellow
Colour Factory
Colour Factory through circle
Colour Factory through window