Flip Clock


Flip Clock is a giant flip clock animation, created in collaboration with 20.20 for the Turf Club at Churchill Downs, the host of the Kentucky Derby. The Kentucky Derby is said to be ‘the greatest two minutes in sports’ and in honour of this, every hour on the hour this 6-metre long piece animates the movement of four horses and their riders for two minutes. The images are modified from Eadweard Muybridge’s photographic studies of horses in motion, way back in 1878, when the Kentucky Derby was in its infancy. His pioneering work proved for the first time that all four feet of a horse leave the ground at the same time whilst trotting. It is also regarded that his work paid a significant contribution to the birth of the motion picture.


The piece consists of 105 flip clocks, with 210 Spindles and 3360 flaps. The digital clock in the centre of the piece is the trigger for the whole animation.

Full Flip Clock
Flip Clock Detail
Flip Clock Team