Scent Drop


Created for the new “Le Grand Museé du Parfum” in Paris, Scent Drops is an experience dedicated to the 25 most used ingredients in Perfume.

Taking inspiration from the liquid form of perfume, we created 25 drops, each housing an individual copper finished orb. Each orb holds a different scent which is triggered when you pick it up and bring it to your nose. An explanation in your native tongue shares the ingredient inside and how it has come to be used in the world of perfume.


The white drops are made of Corian impregnated with steel. This material combination creates strength and allows for power transfer. As visitors rotate the orb on the base a gyro and accelerometer detect the movement and infrared signals are exchanged between the orb and the base telling it what language to speak. As you lift off, a valve opens and a small fan sends the air through the scent capsules and out the trumpet of the orb for the visitor to take in.

Scent Drops with people
Scent Drops shapes
Scent Drops yellow glow
Scent Drops black and white
Grand Musee du Parfum