Dancing Spheres Title

Ignite the imagination.

What greater gift can you give your guests, than a moment of inspiration?

Dancing Spheres

Dancing Spheres is available for purchase or hire.

Give music life.

These music-loving balls believe that sound should be seen as well as heard. Dancing with a live DJ, they captivate the audience with sound, movement and sorcery.

Facebook’s Holiday Party

Bring out the child in everyone.

Capture imaginations and leave guests with a euphoric sense of wonder & awe.

Dancing Spheres Slim

Make it magical.

Dancing Spheres’ surreal presence will transform any venue. Seemingly defying gravity, guests can’t help but be mesmerised.

Landmark’s Launch

Customise to suit your theme.

Make the most of this eye-catching installation by adding your personal message or company colours.

Dancing Spheres Desk

Colour changing uplights

Set the mood with ambient lights that glow, fade and react to the music.


Choose your colours

Select a colour scheme to suit your event. Pick a single shade or a whole spectrum.

Dancing Spheres Branding

Branding and artwork

Make a bigger impact with a branded DJ table. Decorate your spheres for maximum effect.


Bring people together.

Guests will be encouraged to interact and make their way to the dance floor inspired by the energetic and playful mood.

Intel’s Party

Immersive decoration.

Create immersive magic by adding some Thought Bubbles. The bold shape and movement will create a visual impact all day & night.

Hatti DJ

Quick & easy to set up.

Dancing Spheres can be up & running in under 30 minutes.

Red DJ Spheres


A selection of films showing Dancing Spheres in different locations.

Propellernet Holiday Party

We spent an evening in Shoreditch with Propellernet as they celebrated the holiday season.

Dancing Spheres visits Dublin & Berlin

A cheesy short film following two events with Dancing Spheres. We were invited to Berlin by Nissan and to Dublin by The Marker Hotel.

Lush Party Slomo

These guys know how to move.

Working with Us

We deliver, install and manage every invention, staying on site to help you squeeze every drop of potential from your hire.

Our on-site team of experts not only set up the inventions so they work perfectly but also make sure guests are participating & having fun.

How it works.

Dancing Spheres desk


Dancing Spheres exploits the Bernoulli Principle, which states that spheres will float on columns of high flow, low-pressure air.

Wave of spheres


The rate of airflow changes in response to the bpm of the music, causing the spheres to rise & fall. Dancing Spheres can also be controlled intuitively with the use of our app.

Tech Specs

Desk Diagram
Sphere specs