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Huggable Lighting!
Pluck Huggs from its magnetic pendant as it hangs like fruit from a tree and give it a squeeze- the tighter you hug the more it glows. Able to change colour each time or set it to match your theme, Huggs can also be set to trigger sounds alongside the glow.

Huggs immediately soothe and warm the senses, as well as creating a playful visual impact, perfect for promoting wellness in any environment.


Huggs internal sensor responds to the increase in pressure as you squeeze.
Changeable ‘skins’ cater to both customisation and hygiene.
The battery, which is hidden inside, charges when connected to the magnetic pendant.

Pluck and Hug cave
Holding Pluck and Hug
Fluffy Plug and Hug
Clutching Plug and Hug
Group in Cave holding Plug and Hug