Pours Title
Pours movements


(Inventor Edition)

A playful take on the traditional decanter.

Pours extends the tasting experience with its slow, graceful bowing motion, offering a moment of reflection and stillness before pouring a perfect serving.
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Filling glass with Pours

Mesmerising movement.

As the beverage in its belly travels into your glass, you can’t help but be drawn in by its mesmerising movement.
Pours with wine

A remarkable centrepiece.

Every detail of the piece has been fine-tuned to take its users on a pilgrimage of engineering beauty.
Pours Centrepiece

Cutting edge simplicity.

A weight sensor detects the presence of a glass and the bowing motion is created simply by moving the liquid up the stem.
Cutting Edge Pours


Each Pours is handcrafted to the highest quality by expert British engineers and created with carefully chosen materials.

Pours Glass