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“Tropism Well may be the most decadent method of serving a glass of water we have ever encountered.”

Philippa Warr, Wired

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Tropism Well wide on beach
Tropism pouring

Graceful and giving.

Graceful, giving and ever-attentive, when Tropism Well senses you approaching, it gently bows to fill your glass.

TW on beach

A remarkable centrepiece.

Spellbound guests feel compelled to respond to this elegant drinks pourer as if it were a living thing. Fill it up with your tipple of choice and allow Tropism Well to quench your thirst from its glass carafe.

Happy Startup’s Summercamp

Cutting edge.

Tropism Well uses facial recognition to detect the presence of a thirsty person. Once approached, the gentle bowing motion is created simply by moving the liquid up and down the stem.

TW Close Up

Bring people together.

Tropism Well is the perfect host. It’s unusual movement & giving nature encourages conversation between those that have not yet met.

Lucy's Birthday Party

Pours precisely.

A weight sensor detects the presence of a glass and the bowing motion is created simply by moving the liquid up the stem.

TW Pouring

Serves all sorts.

Choose any tipple and her insulated canister keeps your cocktails cool or mulled wine warm.

Campo Viejo’s Festival of Colour

Quick & easy to set up.

Tropism Well can be up & running in under 30 minutes.

Setting up

How it works

Small TW well

Facial Recognition

Tropism Well uses a camera facial recognition software to detect the presence of a thirsty person.

TW pouring well


The gentle bowing motion is created simply by moving the liquid up and down the stem.


A selection of films showing Tropism Well in different locations.

Searching for Sunrise

We loaded the van and headed to the beautiful expansive beach of Camber Sands for a super early sunrise shoot.

Brockwell Park

On the day we finished making the first Tropism Well prototype, we took her to Brockwell Park in Brixton (which was round the corner from our studio then). We were overwhelmed by the public’s positive response.

Boundary Hotel

We created this short film of Tropism Well on the rooftop of the Boundary Hotel in London.

Studio Party

A short film created by Thom Undrell of one of our parties in The Hutch.

Kinetica Art Fair

We were invited to showcase Tropism Well at Kinetica Art Fair in London. Here’s a short film from the weekend.

Race Against the Tide

We took Tropism Well on an inventure to Rottingdean. It turned into a race against the tide to capture some sunrise shots.

Tech Specs

Tech Specs