Tropism Well


Tropism Well is graceful, giving and always looking for a new friend. When this drinking fountain sees someone approach, it gently bows down to fill their glass. Tropism Well leaves guests spellbound as they feel compelled to respond as if it were a living thing.

Tropism Well MK3 uses Richlite, an incredibly durable, versatile, and highly sustainable material made from resin-infused paper. This material has a beautiful quality that is leather-like and ages with grace. The particular kind of Richlite chosen for Tropism Well MK3 uses is a bamboo embedded Stratum which is designed to be durable, sustainable and tactile. Within the piece we expose different layers of the material; the inside of Tropism Well MK3 is as beautiful as the exterior as the bamboo is exposed, and a skeleton effect is produced. Tropism Well MK3 is the most elegant and graceful version in the series.


Tropism Well MK3 uses a camera and facial recognition software to detect the presence of a thirsty person. Once approached, the gentle bowing motion is created simply by moving the liquid up and down the stem. Tropism Well MK3 is happy serving up anything from water to Bompas & Parr’s knock out Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster!

Tropism in blue light
Tropism on the beach
Tropism detail
Tropism pouring