Levitating Susan Prototype



Harvey & John collaborated with renowned culinary experts Bompas & Parr to create Levitating Susan; a living sculpture officially unveiled at ‘A Culinary Odyssey’. Levitating Susan, a play on the more familiar ‘Lazy Susan’ is a mesmerizing piece that lifts food into the air ready for guests to consume. Where a lazy Susan moves food around the table from guest to guest, Levitating Susan takes things one step further and circulates food mid-air. It’s a unique feasting experience, which, depending on the size of your canapé, has the potential to turn into an aerated apple bobbing game.


Levitating Susan is one in a series of installations developed by Harvey & John that exploit the Bernoulli Principle, which states that spheres will float on columns of high flow, low-pressure air. An angled rotating nozzle causes the canapè to orbit around the base of the sculpture.